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We Build MLM and Membership Software for Your Businesses and Leverage Your Incomes

Start your very own membership based business, MLM Network Marketing, Unilevel Plan, Australian X-UP, Force Matrix (with any level width and deep, spillover, re-entry and cycle), Member Get Member, Referral System, Affiliate Program, Randomizer Plan, Powerline, Donation System, Downline Builder, and more.

We are helping to boost your business Software delivers a bundle of revolutionary and innovative solutions from referral marketing compensation, web site replication and automation, membership and commission management, and much more on a single totally integrated platform.

While you get the best network marketing software to build your site, you will also be able to earn huge amount of commission from any sales you generate through our Affiliate program.

Quality Software

Empower your site using Software and transform your business with increase profitability. We have time tested, proven software systems and a highly experienced team to assist in your success.

Huge Commission

We generously reward you with huge 50% commissions, you will earn from new sales you made through your affiliate link, and you will continue earn from the renewal payment.

Instant Payment

No more waiting! All commissions are paid directly and automatically to your account, to your Credit card, Paypal, or Bitcoin. You will also receive recurring earning instantly.

Software Features

We aware of offering regular features are not enough to stand out from the network marketing and membership crowded, so we craft and provide advance features in the Software to boost your site and make it as winners.

Multiple Marketing Plan

The software support for most of the marketing plan, including matrix with any level wide and deep, regular australian x-up and reverse x-up, unilevel plan, powerline system, binary plan, and also randomizer plan.

Multiple Pay Plan

Configure multiple pay plan or membership type, define each plan with own settings and dedicated privileges. Any product and content can be restricted for each plans or membership levels.

Everything You Need

Use the Software to drive traffic to your site, generate qualified leads, extend the reach of your brand, better search engine rankings, and increase sales.

User Friendly Interface

Most of the features and options are configurable directly from the Admin CP, and label describes clearly the option. Help hint also available for an option that requires more details.

Website and Theme

Whether you want to use an existing website or use your own custom one-page as frontend or use the default website template, the software can handle it. You can install the software as the main system or install it as backend.

eStore Plugin

Sell products and services online, including banner and text ads service for member and configure commission for each sale. Multi-vendor features are also available for digital products. This plugin can be purchased separately.

Complete Marketing Tools

Various marketing tools are available in the software, easy to create pre-made ads for your members, including classified and link ads, email contents, tell a friend, banner, text ads, PDF branding, landing page, popover, campaign system, referrer contest, and more.

Unlimited Members

There is no limit for the number of members that can register on your sites and promote your sites, your products and services. Each member will have their own User CP, referral link, and website replication.

Multiple Languages

Language translator add-on is available in the software. Enable this free add-on and your visitors will be able to translate your site easily and instantly to other languages.

Email Notifications

Multiple email templates are available to notify Administrator, Member, and Subscriber on various actions or events in your site. You can manage these templates from the Admin CP.

Billing Options

It can be easily set One-time payments or Recurring payments on any period of time, days, weeks, months or years. Optionally, you can add additional fee and calculate the commission based on it.

GiftPass or ePin

Easy to manage GiftPass or Coupon or ePin from the Admin CP, create and import multiple codes directly, make it available for certain plan, define the value and percentage, or sell it using eStore plug-in.

Built-in Ewallet

Use Ewallet feature to collect member commission and use the fund to purchase any items in your site, transfer it to another member, renew their membership, pay another membership fee, or withdraw it.


Built-in autoresponder and follow up features are available in the software. Administrator and members are able to configure and manage their own series of the message from their back office.

Landing Pages

Create and provide visitors with multiple landing pages. Member is able to choose what landing page they prefer to use with their referral link, and it also doable to include the lead capture form in the landing page.

Multiple Commission Types

Set a percentage or flat amount of commissions, for level commission, full level reward, matching bonus, activity and performance reward, cycling bonus, affiliate commission, and more.

Digital Download

Whether you offer digital products or services for your members, you can configure it from the back office and allow the content available for paid or active members only.

Various Notifications

Multiple notification options are available in the software, like autoresponder message, follow up email, SMS sender, newsletter, email broadcaster, message and feedback systems in the back office, and also push message for mobile app.

Database Tools

Backup, restore, and manage your database from the Admin CP. Configure the secure auto-backup to make peace of mind and ensure you will not lose your valuable assets.

Drip Content

Enable drip-feed feature which allows you to reveal your contents over a specific time after member registration or on specific date.

Member Genealogy

Display member structure in the genealogy form, there are tree view or board view available and the member details will be revealed when the genealogy node clicked.

Campaign Link

Each Member can set his own campaign based on different marketing strategies using a custom tag and the performance can be tracked from the back office.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Numerous payment gateways are supported, including, Coinpayments, Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoin, VoguePay, Perfect Money, Payza, and an offline alternative, Bank Transfer.

Custom Fields

Multiple input fields may be added and requested for registered users or subscriber with required condition and custom label and displayed in the public pages or in the member back office only.

Payout Options

Choose the option to pay out the member commission, regularly on an interval basis, by member request, or automatically by the system. The mass payment with the bulk marked-as-paid option is also available.

Ranks and Pride

Classify your members into separate rank with own badge and assign a different commission level. Each member can be promoted to the next rank according to their performance.

Control Panel

User-friendly and modern design control panel, both for administrator and members, complete with a dashboard to display overall information and lots of options to configure and manage the site and membership settings.

Build-In CMS

Manage pre-build pages and custom page directly from the Admin CP. Manage news, frequently asked question page, and other pages. You can also create and manage custom pages and make them available only for members.

Website Restriction

Restrict your valuable contents such as downloadable files, pages, video, folder, with few clicks and sell it with one-time membership or periodically subscriptions.

Downline Builder

Scale-up member network and referrals using the downline builder feature to promote other sites and program, and earn more benefits, traffic, and commission from it.

Mobile Android App Ready

The software builds to support a modern website with responsive design. The mobile android version for the member back office also available as a module and can be purchased separately.

All-in-One Platform

Once is set, the software will manage all the workflow by itself and you only need to sit and count the revenues.

and many more...

Updates and new features are added periodically and we will keep maintaining the software to make it better than ever. You can also contact us for any feature request.

Online Demo

Experience the available features and options inside control panels.

Software Comparison

Software features, version, and prices comparison.

Compensation Plans MLMSoft GO MLMSoft P2P MLMSoft ESTORE
Unilevel Plan
Force Matrix
Australian X-Up Plan/Pass up
Randomizer Plan
Board Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan
Powerline Plan
Your Custom Plan
Features Highlights MLMSoft GO MLMSoft P2P MLMSoft ESTORE
Unlimited Payment Plan
Replicating Website
SMS Integration
Downline Builder
Built-in E-Wallet
Lead Capture Page
Auto Responder
Email Follow-up
Promotional Tools
GiftPass or ePin System
One-Time and Recurring Payment
CMS for News, FAQ, and custom Pages
Download Manager
Video Manager
Encrypted and Optimized
Direct Payment Between Members (P2P)
eStore plugin
- Affiliate System
- Multi Vendors for Digital Products
- Manage Ads Service
Android App
Powered By Removal License
Custom Programming Service

Pricing will vary depend on options, items, and features.

The feature has fewer options compared with other versions, customization required, or others. Contact Us for details.

Best Pricing

The Software is packed with features you won't find on any other comparably-priced competitor software.

MLMSoft Go

$298/ One-time

  • Regular Version
  • Perpetual License
  • 6 Months Updates
  • Community Support


$328/ One-time

  • P2P Version
  • Perpetual License
  • 6 Months Updates
  • Community Support

MLMSoft eStore

$378/ One-time

  • Regular Version
  • eStore Plug-in
  • Affiliate System
  • Multi eVendors
  • Perpetual License
  • 6 Months Updates
  • Community Support

Discount Roadmap

The base pricing of Software, the price will be increased from time to time.

Prelaunch: $149

By Invitation Only. Affiliates may refer others and earn commission from renewal. All commission will be available on the next stages.

Stage 1: $298

Promotional Offer. Earn 50% affiliates commission from initial sales, as well as, recurring payment from the updates.

Stage 2: ???

Promotional Offer. Earn 50% affiliates commission from initial sales, as well as, recurring payment from the updates.

Stage 3: $598

Regular Price. Earn 50% affiliates commission from initial sales, as well as, recurring payment from the updates.

Software Screenshots

Some screenshots of the software back office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for any questions you may have

What is the server requirements?

Apache or Nginx, Cron, mod_rewrite, PHP v7.1 or v7.2 (recommended) and MySQLi v5+ with strict mode off (strict_trans_table, only_full_group_by, no_zero_in_date, no_zero_date), cUrl, mHash and GD extensions, Ioncube Loader v5.0+, and basic webmaster skills (HTML/CSS/JS, FTP). Using CPanel Hosting is recommended. Click here to download the server requirement test file.

After my 6 months of free updates (downloads) expires, how much are additional updates?

Once your free months of updates expire you can purchase another 6 months of updates (downloads) for $98 USD regardless which software license you own. These updates are optional and do not affect your license status.

Can I change from one software license to another?

No. The licenses are tied to your account and you can not change the software license you own. If you own the MLMSoft Go or MLMSoft P2P license and you need eStore features, you can order the eStore plug-in separately from your member area.

How many sites can I use the Software for?

One software license is valid for one domain. If you want to use the software on multiple domains you need to buy additional licenses for each domain.

Can I switch or transfer the license to another domain later?

Yes, sure. We aware sometimes you may need to change the domain name due to some reasons, so we have been build and provide the feature for it in your member area.

Do you offer a refund?

We want it but we can't. The payment will be split and paid directly to the affiliate, and you will have full access to download the software after payment completed. Make sure you understand and agree with this refund policy before making any purchase. You can also try the online demo to make sure the software meets your requirements.

How to get started?

Click here, select software license, and complete the order.

Don't be like others who come back and purchase our software after spending money on other systems only to find out that you should have purchased software from and it will be the last one you will ever need!

Payment Options

We accept the following payment options